About me

My name is Charlotte and I was born in 1986.

I always had a passion for computers and technology, offering support and lessons to others from a young age.

In 2011, I joined the MacLine retail chain, an Apple reseller, as an account manager for businesses and professionals. Every Monday I had the chance to manage alone the company's shop in Berchem St Agathe. Over the months, my typical customers began to form: seniors and beginners, who came to me for advices on their products and use of their newly purchased devices. Nicknamed the "Senior Manager" by my colleagues, the idea of one day making this a dedicated business never left me.

Digitalisation is making ever greater leaps and bounds and the need for it is becoming ever more apparent.


The relationship with digital is growing rapidly these days, and the health crisis has only accelerated the process. We no longer know how to do without it.

We no longer know how to do without: news sites, vaccine passports, banks 

social networks, etc. The speed is such that we are quickly left behind. This forced digitalisation remains a problem for certain groups of people, including the elderly. 

With this in mind, I have made it my mission to help those who need it the most.


Although more and more seniors are gradually accepting and using the new technologies, the digital exclusion of seniors is still quite noticeable.



I am a young, patient and dynamic woman who wants to provide the quickest and most efficient answer to the computer problems that seniors may encounter with digital technology.

Digital exclusion further isolates and marginalizes the elderly, especially those between 60-69 years old.

I would like to help at home in a pragmatic and individual way the seniors wishing to enter the digital world. In a methodical and playful way, I want to show them the interest and the advantages they will get from digital.

Indeed, my experience has shown me that seniors who get into it on their own finally get used to it more easily and spend much more time on it every day. 

I am able to offer you a personalized accompaniment during the choice of your device, the most adapted to your needs (smartphone, tablet, computer) also present for your small breakdown service, I can in certain cases intervene at distance. 

Whether it's for tablets, phones, televisions, Wi-Fi boxes, printers, audio systems, or surveillance cameras, the objective of this approach is to allow seniors to reconcile themselves with digital technologies while mastering the complexity of the computer tools they use.

My Services

Mac & PC

Tablet - iPad

GSM - Smartphone 


Printer - Scanner


Accessible Security cameras 

Purchase guidance, configuration, explanations, troubleshooting, creation or improvement of faulty wifi networks, installation and configurations of surveillance cameras. 

Audio systems (music)


Price :

50€/hour VAT incl.

Friday : 18h30 - 21h

Saturday : 14h30 - 19h

Sunday : 11h - 19h

Contact me

0477 - 36 74 83